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Béautiful Numbers help B2B Marketing teams optimize and pilot their performance, and prove their contribution to the business

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About us

Béautiful Numbers help Marketing teams prove their impact to the business.
We work with marketing teams who have defined a plan and a strategy, and suffer from the ongoing pressure to prove their contribution. They are struggling to measure the performance of their activities.

We help them by setting up their budgetary processes, optimizing their Marketing Ops and reporting, and designing their marketing dashboards with Tableau Software.

We put our long Marketing B2B experience and unique expertise at their disposal and work as a team.


Enable Marketers to unveil their contribution to the business, while improving their agility, visibility and credibility.

Béautiful Numbers was born from the growing need to measure B2B marketing contribution to the business, and answer the Marketing teams 3 main requirements to better manage Marketing performance*:

  1. Define relevant key indicators,
  2. Ensure data is reliable,
  3. Have correct tools and processes to collect data.


* Sources « ROI et mesures de l’efficacité du marketing B2B » Octobre 2015, Etude Adetem – OpinionWay – Ariane Etudes


Béautiful Numbers was founded by Béatrice Loriot,  who graduated in « Performance controlling and management – option Financial controlling ».

What makes Béautiful Numbers unique:

  • We speak numbers and transform Data into relevant information,
  • Our Marketing processes & tools expertise (CRM, Marketing automation, Google Analytics, BI reporting, …), will help us quickly adapt to your environnement,
  • Over 15 years experience in Marketing Ops and a proven track record working with iconic International IT companies.

Béatrice is also President of the ADETEM B2B ClubNational association of marketing professionals.

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some "Béautiful Numbers" about us and our values
Creation date
+ 20
years in love with marketing
600 M $
Million $ managed in the last 20 years
100 %
Ethic, friendly, professional, reliable (all included)