About us

Béatrice Loriot

Béatrice LORIOT 2018 JUIL_Beautiful Numbers

Béautiful Numbers was founded by Béatrice Loriot,  who graduated in « Performance controlling and management – option Financial controlling ».

Béatrice is also an active member of the ADETEM B2B Marketing Club – National association of marketing professionals.



What makes Béautiful Numbers unique:

  • Over 15 years experience in Marketing Ops and a proven track record working with iconic B2B  International IT companies, such as VMware, SAP, BusinessObjects, Cartesis. Béatrice has participated to the creation of numerous marketing plans and budgets. Therefore, she has developped the best methodology to help Béautiful Numbers customers.
  • Our best practices and marketing processes & tools expertise will help us quickly adapt to your environnement. And should we doubt, we would delegate to our partners ecosystem.
  • We speak numbers and tell the story behind your marketing data.
  • We help company of any size to create the best plan and budget. Small – very small – companies need a perfect plan as well !
  • We are Tableau Software specialists which we dedicate for marketing performance.


Change the way marketers are considered and ensure they are recognised as an essential partner for the business growth.

When marketers are able to prove their contribution to the business, company stakeholders see them as credible and reliable partners. Their alignment with sales and finance will be improved immediately!


To do this, we provide support based on 3 axes:

1.Build an effective marketing plan and budget 300% aligned with the Company strategic objectives.

2. Optimise team organisations and processes to gain agility and efficiency.

3. Define business and marketing indicators, and ensure data is reliable.