Béautiful Numbers will act as your Marketing Ops during transition periods. We will drive your Marketing activities as if they were ours,  while helping for your team to set up.

    • Accompaniment during planning and budgeting,
    • Marketing dashboards and reports to monitor your  activity,
    • Training,
    • Recruitment,
    • Audit processes and recommendations,
  • Research and implementation of new marketing tools.

How we helped EasyVista

Marketing in general, and Marketing Ops in particular, call upon many specialties. Béautiful Numbers has a solid expertise and its own toolbox. Moreover, to better serve our clients, we have joined a network of consultants, experts or partners in France or abroad. Depending on the specific needs of our missions, we thus constitute the appropriate teams. Trained in the same methods, we work together with perfect fluidity and coordination for our respective clients.