It’s time for 2020 marketing plan – Is your planning sheet ready ?

It’s marketing planning time !

Apart from a methodology, a few cups of coffee and a cheerful mood, you will also need a marketing planning sheet!

Planning sheet marketing_beautiful numbers

Whether you are a very small business, or a CMO who needs to present the EMEA marketing plan, an efficient planning sheet is essential.

Your planning sheet will enable you to :

  • analyze your plan and budget from all angles : what, when, why, what for, who with, how…
  • ensure they are aligned with the strategy you’ve just defined,
  • if necessary, consolidate your different business units marketing plans and budgets,
  • understand which campaigns (and tactics) are instrumental to the success of your plan,
  • compare workload & budget per marketing team member,
  • include marketing and business indicators,
  • anticipate your MROI andand prepare the management of your plan,
  • and finally be ready for an Exec Summary !

Preparing a planning sheet is an exercise not to be neglected as it will be a valuable tool throughout the year.

Pilot your plan

A good marketing plan is a plan that changes : just because it’s written in a planning sheet doesn’t mean it’s written in stone.

Your planning sheet must enable you to be agile, react to new competitors, changes in ressources or strategy.

A tip to do so: do not forget a Reforecast column!

Manage your budget

Why not include actual costs in front of planned expenses ? Including your Purchase orders and invoices amounts in your planning sheet will allow you to have accurate conversations with your Finance and be ready to reallocate unused budget whenever et wherever needed.

I produce numerous planning sheets every year for my customers, in response to their specific needs. If you need to pilot your 2020 plan, do not hesitate to contact me.

Béatrice Loriot – + 33 6 81 07 34 41 / + 34 680 907 987 –

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