Here we go! It’s time to prepare next year’s strategic and operational marketing plan!

But you are short on time and resources, and pressure is increasing! Your company’s objectives are ambitious and your plan must support this ambition.


Build your B2B marketing plan.

Preparing a B2B marketing plan is not limited to listing future activities and expenses. This which would limit marketing to a purely operational role. In that case, we would speak of an Operational Marketing Plan.

Preparing a marketing plan requires, first of all,  to focus on strategy to enable Marketing to align with the company’s objectives. To ensure that the operational marketing plan (mentioned above) is effective and contributes to the company’s revenues.

This helps better understand your market. Control your objectives and define approprieate means to be efficient, regardless of whether it is a very small company or a large group. And since marketers are now under increasing pressure, an effective marketing plan will be the first step towards performance marketing.

As the marketing ops manager in charge of marketing plan & budget for many years, I have been involved in the implementation of many B2B marketing plans.

Thus, I can now offer you a simple and effective methodology, based on this experience.