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It’s decided, in 2021  I will create my own dashboard!

If you have made the resolution to create you own dashboard, it is because, like me, you are convinced of its usefulness. Indeed, given the profusion and complexity of marketing tools, native reporting, and the difficulty of making the link between all sources, the dashboard is a major asset in the management of marketing performance! However, if you need additional arguments, I encourage you to read this article : “Why do i need a marketing dashboard”.

Create a marketing dashboard


Different options are available:

1. Hire a specialist in your team to realize your dashboard. But you have to think long term : unless you have a lot of data to analyze, will this specialist be busy full time? At the beginning, don’t doubt it! But once the time for creation and implementation is over, you will have to find something to keep her/him busy. And profiles who know how to do both marketing and dashboards are just arriving in the market. I’ve seen clients share the resource among several teams: Marketing, Sales, Finance. It’s an interesting option, with each team being responsible for training the employee in the business side of things.

2. Propose your team members a dashboard creation training. Of course, like any training, they’ll have to put it into practice quickly so that they don’t lose their grip. If you are interested in this option, I propose Despktop Dashboard training courses applied to marketing.

3. Collaborate with a freelance. If you don’t want to internalize your dashboard creation, this is definitely the best solution. Very competent specialists are available on the market and know the technique at their fingertips. Nevertheless, do they know marketing and marketing jargon? The most appropriate indicators? Do they know Salesforce, Marketo, Mailchimp…? How much time will you have to spend explaining what marketing contribution is or how to calculate an NPS? So much time spent and billed!

We will discuss your needs and define together the most appropriate indicators. Once the dashboard has been created, several options are available to you for its delivery.

1. A simple transmission by email.  The Desktop Dashboard keep all their interactivity, don’t worry. You will be able to share them with your team, your CEO and everyone will be able to use them without restriction. If this work needs to be renewed regularly, I propose monthly subscriptions and send you your dashboard according to the defined recurrence.

2. A subscribtion to Tableau Online, Tableau SAS server. I’ll take care of the setup, rights administration, automatic updates and the creation of monthly reference files, such as those at the end of a quarter or at the end of a campaign. I can host it on the Béautiful Numbers server or on your dedicated server, as you prefer.


How much cost a dahsboard


To create your own dashboard, the amount to be budgeted will depend on the following elements:

– Availability and ease of access to data.

– Number of pages We will define this together at the project kick-off workshop. To get an idea, call me, it’s without engagement.

Regarding your dashboard updates, it is necessary to budget a monthly/quarterly subscription, according to your needs. Again, it will depend on the project, but today I work with subscriptions ranging from €250 to €1200 per month.

For hosting dashboards on Tableau online, the subscription varies between 12$ and 70$ per month depending on the chosen profile. To simply consult and interact, the $12 subscription is the one to choose. Then you will have to budget for the server setup, access rights, etc. Monthly management is included in the subscription mentioned above. Full details here.


How long does it take to create a amarketing dashboard

Again no standard answer. I can build your dashboard in a few days depending on the configuration, and sometimes it will take a bit more time due to data processing.

Give me a call for more information. We will discuss your needs together and the best solution for you!

Béatrice Loriot + 33 6 81 07 34 41

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