Why should you create your own marketing dashboard ?

When it comes to marketing dashboard, customers or prospects often ask me:

Why create my own marketing dashboard from scratch?

when all marketing tools are now equipped with their own reporting.

To answer that, we start listing each and every tool used by the marketing team  and consider the time required to link all different activities, and generate a relevant overall analysis.

This exercise leads to a loooooong list which looks like this :

  • As far as  website activity is concerned, the marketing team receives an 8-page.pdf from the US team (therefore impossible to customize)
  • As for the SEO, an Excel file of 12 tabs -1 tab per country, 1 tab with not very pretty graphics and 1 tab of raw data-  is sent from the referencing team.  (after the first time, people stop opening it…)
  • If you are looking to analyze marketing campaigns (or more simply emailing), you should go to the dedicated tool (Marketo, Eloqua, Mail Chimp,…) and/or export to Excel for those who do not have access.
  • Finally, when it comes to sales performance, if everything goes well, there is a report already created in the CRM but “we have trouble finding our way around because the repository is a little confusing”…..
  • And above all, succeeding in having a global vision of marketing performance is very laborious!

marketing confusion

We then better understand the interest of creating our own marketing dashboard!

  • First of all, a customized marketing dashboard allows you to choose your own metrics, those that are really important!
  • If a metric is not available, simply create it : let’s do a calculated field – that’s it!
  • Indicators will be monitored on the same dashboard, regardless of the source of the data.
  • You are free to organize them as you wish (well, if I may…) : The Exec summary on the first page, and one or more additional pages for more details.
  • It’s easy to go down in granularity with simple clicks: for the xzy campaign, in France, in January 2019, on the abc segment, how many leads were transmitted to the sales representatives and accepted ?
  • Dashboard are flexible and can be updated taking into account users experience, and your plan changes.
  • Dashboards can be shared with as many people as you want : dashboards created with Tableau Software can be sent by email and remain interactive.
  • Make forecasts using integrated forecasting functions,
  • Chose colors that you like 🙂

One of the main obstacles to the creation of a dashboard is the time required to create and update it on a regular basis.

With the double hat of Marketing Ops and Tableau Software specialist, I save time for marketing departments.
Thanks to my expertise with marketing tools and indicators, there is no need to explain me what is a prospect or an opportunity,  a conversion rate or send to open ratio!

As far as updating is concerned, several options are possible:

I offer subscriptions for a fixed date updating, or set up automatic updates on Tableau online.

As you will have understood, given the profusion and complexity of marketing tools, the dashboard is a major asset in managing marketing performance!

To find out what your marketing dashboard might look like, call us!

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