Why do I need a marketing plan ?

Do you want more customers, more revenue and a better return on investment? If so you will need an excellent marketing plan.

Whatever the size of your company and how much you may want to keep procrastinating, here’s why you need to start  your marketing plan!


Marketing strategy

  1. Verify and validate your company’s mission: make sure you, and your team, have a clear understanding of your company mission before moving any further. Not understanding the mission correctly will lead to setting up wrong objectives.
  2. Define marketing objectives: describe what you want to achieve by aligning marketing objectives with the company’s strategic objectives. That way, you will ensure your contribution to the business.
  3. Understand your customers: Describe your ideal customer and get to know his needs better. Without understanding your customers, you may fail establishing your marketing mix.
  4. Identify what makes you different: your value proposition is the essence of the value that your product or service provides to the customer. It is a promise of the benefits that you deliver and should decide the customers to buy from you.
  5. Identify new opportunities: the marketing plan is the unique time of year to find out new opportunities for notoriety, customer acquisition or retention.
  6. Focus on what is important: “Do the right things rather than do the things right” . The point of a marketing plan is not to do more things but to do the right things.
  7. Plan your activities: indicate in your planning sheet the list of the activites you will launch and related indicators.
  8. Align teams internally: share your marketing plan with sales and finance teams and communicate on who does what.
  9. Optimize your resources: check the skills of your team and if necessary plan to recruit or request a training plan.
  10. Monitor activities and check what works… or not. The marketing plan is a living document that can be challenged at any time to help you optimize your performance.
  11. Manage your budget: make sure you make the best usage out of your marketing budget by allocating your money to your objectives.
  12. Gain credibility: a marketing plan establishes your credibility and allows you to create a bond of trust between marketing and your various interlocutors.

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