Why Michelin won the 2017 Adetem B2B marketing award ?

Michelin won the 2017 Adetem B2B Marketing Award 

The Adetem night of Marketing took place on 5/7/17, during which Michelin won the B2B Marketing Award for its “Unique Partner” campaign,  implemented with the agency Kiss The Bride.

As president of the “https://www.adetem.org/club-adetem-b2b-programme-2018/” target=”_blank”
>Adetem B2B club, I was pleased to present the campaign at the B2B Summit 2017  which was held the next day, and explain the reasons of this success.,


As president of the Adetem B2B club, Béatrice Loriot presented Michelin campaign at the B2B Summit.
Béatrice Loriot from Béautiful Numbers on stage @ B2B Summit 2017


Out of 30 submissions, we, as a jury, evaluated the following criteria:

  • Sustainability of the brand,
  • Innovation, creativity,
  • Performance.


Michelin sought to address the following issues:

How to animate and value the performance of a long and heterogeneous distribution network, in a very competitive market, with a product not very sexy .. a tire.

A customized campaign

Michelin relied on data to create a  totally individualized and personalized program , based on the data of each actor.

Data at the heart of marketing

They used data to put their customers, direct and indirect, at the center of the program: 450 databases and millions of indicators processed each month to give the customer personalized data.

A multichannel program serving customers

With the implementation of a multi-channel animation plan: web platform, print business reviews, marketing content, mobile application for the sales force, a reward shop, they have provided their client with the content and means that THEY needed.

They also facilitated regular workshops to involve their sales force in the program, so that they appropriated it.

Sales alignement

Finally, to ensure alignment with sales, the program was integrated into the Michelin sales training plan.

Favorite Bonus

Finally, the jury had the opportunity to give a bonus point, and this is what they decided to do after a passionate and professional presentation from the duo Michelin and Kiss The Bride!

Thanks to this program, Michelin have signed up for the long term, strengthened their customer relation, retained their sales force and positioned themselves as a reliable and performant partner.

For details, visit Kiss The Bride

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