Monitoring our marketing plan

It’s decided, in 2021  we will monitor our marketing plan!

Do you find it tiring to kepping chasing the same information? Especially in this delicate period where our job as marketers is being disrupted and where we must be able to act and react quickly… Monitoring our marketing plan to answer the following questions has never been so important to gain the agility to bounce back:

  • How much did we spend so far and how much do we have left? Is it possible to allocate an additional budget to whoever just asked for it?
  • How much  are we investing in this segment? Is it aligned with our plan?
  • Which campaigns are generating most opportunities? What are the most expensive initiatives? What is their ROI?
  • How do we invest? What are the most common activities?
  • How do we consolidate the plans of the different BUs or countries?

So many questions which, without anticipation, can take hours of work to provide answers that, hopefuly will not be to far away from reality.

To start monitoring your marketing plan, you will need:

A good tool

No need to worry about budget. I am not into Allocadia unless it’s appropriate of course! You’ll be surprised to see that Excel can do wonders, as long as you’ve thought it through! In addition, I have developed a consolidation tool for plans made on several territories, which I give to all my clients!

Les outils du plan marketing

Good processes 

Monitoring your marketing plan should not overload teams with work, but on the contrary give them more visibility and agility! As a specialist in Marketing Ops, I will share with you best practices from 20 years in helping companies of all sizes to manage their plan.

Gagner en agilité et visibilité avec de bons processus marketing
A pilot

This can only work if a project manager is appointed and feels invested in this mission: manage the marketing plan and optimize performance! Driving the marketing plan is an exciting function that provides an overview of marketing contribution.

Piloter son plan marketing

Give me a call for more information. We will discuss your needs together and the best solution for you! Béatrice Loriot + 33 6 81 07 34 41

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